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I UK [deɪt] / US noun
Word forms "date":
singular date plural dates
1) [countable] the name and number of a particular day or year

The date on the report is 24 October, 2005.

today's date:

"What's today's date?" "The 25th."

a) [countable] a particular day, month, or year when something happens
date of:

The precise date of the book's publication is not yet known.

I made a note of the date and time of his arrival.

set/fix a date (= choose it):

Should we set a date for the next meeting?

b) [singular] a time in the past or future
at a later/future date:

The exact details of the scheme will be worked out at a later date.

at an earlier date:

Johnson had agreed at an earlier date to take on the role of chairman.

date of birth, use-by date
2) [countable] an arrangement to meet someone who you are having or starting a sexual or romantic relationship with
have a date (with someone):

I've got a date with one of the boys on my course tonight.

go (out) on a date (with someone):

Phil phoned me last night, and we're going on a date this evening.

3) [countable] someone who you have arranged to meet as part of a sexual or romantic relationship

So come on, tell us, who's your date this evening?

4) [countable] a sweet brown sticky fruit with a hard narrow seed inside that grows on palm trees

make a date (with someone) — to arrange to meet someone on a particular day

Let's make a date to have coffee.

out-of-date, up-to-date

II UK [deɪt] / US verb
Word forms "date":
present tense I/you/we/they date he/she/it dates present participle dating past tense dated past participle dated
1) [transitive] to write the date on something

The letter was dated 23 February.

a memo dated 16th June

2) [transitive] to discover exactly how old something is or when it was made by examining it carefully or making scientific tests

The paintings have not yet been accurately dated by the museum's experts.

3) [intransitive] to seem no longer modern or fashionable

a style of building that has hardly dated at all

4) [transitive] to prove that you are starting to get old or are older than the people you are talking to

I suppose that attitude really dates me!

5) [intransitive/transitive] mainly American if you and another person are dating, or if you are dating someone, the two of you are having a sexual or romantic relationship with each other

They've been dating for over six months now.

At college he had dated a medical student from Kansas.

Phrasal verbs:

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